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Planning for your future

Assisting clients for over 100 years

We currently have a bank of more than 3,000 wills

Ensure your possessions and assets go to the right place

You want to make sure that your possessions and assets are passed on to the people who you want to have them. Writing a will ensures that this will happen, but in order to make sure that it is legally sound you’ll need expert help. It is also worth updating every now and again as situations change. If you don’t have one the state will decide where your possessions go, which won’t necessarily be where you would have wished.

Peace of mind with power of attorney and guardianship

Whatever your circumstances, we can advise you on the best option available. If you’re unable to look after your financial affairs because of illness, injury, dementia or old age then having a power or attorney granted will ensure that a trusted relative, friend or solicitor can do it for you. If a family member or close friend becomes incapable of dealing with their financial affairs then we can assist with arranging a Guardianship Court Application.

Help at emotional times

Family and friends usually look after the immediate arrangements when someone has passed away. Dealing with the will and the deceased’s possessions can be handled by a solicitor to relieve some of the stress. We have been dealing with executries for around 100 years so if you need assistance at this emotional time, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Need help writing a will or arranging a power of attorney? Call 0141 887 6211